Elle Snead

Writer | Editor | Designer

An Adobe Certified Professional that uses both her her skills in design and writing to make an impact.

Elle Snead

Writer | Editor | Designer



Elle Snead

Writer | Editor | Designer

Peak City Medical

Worked on a premium interactive romance story on the Journeys app with Gameloft & The Other Guys - Argentina that was later translated into Spanish. Code document is available upon request.
Genre: Romance

Mascara Murders

I was given the opportunity to take over this story, original concept by Ryan Pham. All 14 episodes are out now on the Tales Fiction app.
Genres: YA Teen Drama, Amatur Slueth, School Mystery, Thriller, Whodunnit, Small Town, Crime Fiction, Choose Your Own Adventure, Comic Book style.

Screenshots & Code:

Episode Interactive stories

Over 1 million reads between stories and trended in the top 3 in the 2 years I wrote for them from 2015-2017.
Cupid's Chokehold - 502.6K Reads - 15 Episodes
Ghosts and Demons - 481.6K Reads - 10 Episodes
Small Town - 182.1K Reads - 10 Episodes
Genres: YA & Adult Drama, Mystery, Thriller, Small Town, Crime Fiction, Choose Your Own Adventure.

Elle Snead

Writer | Editor | Designer

Six Feet Apart

To be published December 2022. An anthology of poetry from the voices of women in the midst of the Corona Virus by Acron Publishing. Mine is titled Weekends.
Genre: Prose Poetry, Slice of Life, Love.

Immortal Hymns

Published in December 2021. An anthology of poetry dedicated to each Greek God and Goddess by Rewritten Realms Publishing. Mine is a tribute to Hebe.
Genre: Prose Poetry, Unrequited Love, Acceptance.

Stories of The Zodiac

Published through Howling Press in October 2020 in Issue #1 on page 160.
Everyone has a Zodiac sign. Some fit better than others. Each one shares an anecdote.
Genre: Prose Poetry, Unrequited Love, Betrayal, Drama.

Mel's Declassified College Survival Guide

Published with The Manifest Startion in May 2021.
Also won the overall award for Creative Nonfiction in a contest at Indiana University of PA within the Department of English in April 2019.
A satirical narrative tip guide of how to survive college through the lens of a graduating senior.
Genres: Nonfiction, Slice of Life, Drama, Romance.

The Empress of Fay series

Book 1 was published in December 2020.
Book 2 was published in October 2021.
Welcome to the World of Zephyr. Where the sands are black, rivers run ruby that turn indigo once it hits the Opharius Ocean, and the grass is always greenest on your side with freshly painted dew on each blade. Zephyr is a fairy inhabited world who possess unique abilities and corrupt gnomes that reside in the center of the circle Pangaea shaped land, The Forest of Fear. Imbalance, corruption, and greed fill this world and the Empress of Fay will rise and make everything right again; hopefully.
©️ 2020 Danielle (Elle) Snead. All rights reserved. Reproduction of this book, in whole or in part is prohibited. All characters and locales are property of the author and publisher.
Genres: YA/NA Fantasy & Mystery